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Turn Noise Into Music

Kubernetes security shouldn't be a mystery that requires an endless investment of money and time. Your solution should just work and your developers and admins should be able to just do their jobs. Managing your infrastructure and developer applications generates volumes of noise between Kubernetes, monitoring, source control, and CI/CD. Our solutions turn this noise into a cloud native symphony.

Our products are built around our passion to make life easier for customers. IAM shouldn't be a mystery that requires an endless investment of money and time. Your solution should just work. Managing a large suite of applications, users, and customers generates a lot of noise. Our solutions turn this noise into an IAM symphony.

[CREATIVE DIRECTION: We'd like a graphic which demonstrates how Tremolo products bring order (music) to all the chaos (noise) created in an organization. The chaos includes 1) managing all the applications a company uses - this can include any software used like Salesforce, Adobe, etc. 2) users - these are all internal people and organization departments using the applications and involves managing usernames & passwords (SSO), user requests to access data or an application, setting up permission settings by role, etc., 3) customers - any external stakeholders who request or need access to information (an example is a county services portal like Fairfax County's myfairfax tool which gives county residents the ability to request services, book facilities, and pay taxes online). Tremolo products take all this noise and make it work together in perfect harmony to become a beautiful and seamless symphony for the user.

Showing the dashboard might make sense, but isn't doesn't need to be the focal point of the graphic. I'd love to see something which graphically shows all the noise and chaos created turned into music. Working to get you screenshots and will hopefully have shared something with you by the time you read this

Our Suite of Products


The platform our systems are built on, OpenUnison provides all of the tools needed to securely access your Kubernetes clusters. Our single platform integrates your cluster's security and your supporting infrastructure.

Single Sign-On
User Provisioning
API Access Management
Auditing & Reporting


Make access to your infrastructure sing with a single portal for your cluster and applications. Self service access to source control, CI/CD, and other infrastructure components to manage both day 1 and day 2 operations securely!

Pre-Built Use Cases
API Integration
User Centric

MyVirtual Directory

Connect OpenUnison with identity stores and databases that already exist throughout your organization, enabling them to be used in ways that weren’t possible before.

User Centric

Why Tremolo

Enable secure access to your clusters with a helm chart deployment.

Our products easily connect to every system used by your organization.

Forget about consultants. Our plug-and-play products save you  time and money.

We don't make you choose! Have both the security you need and the ease of use your users demand!

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