Customer Identity and Access Management

user registration

Fast & Flexible

OpenUnison's flexible API based registration  makes adding diverse users fast & easy. Add in OpenUnison's ability to include terms & conditions, reCAPTCHA, and built in error checking, and the result is fewer support calls, faster implementation, and lower implementation costs.

self service

Reduced Password Reset Calls

We integrate with social identity providers like Google, Twitter, and Facebook so users, not administrators, own registration and password management - improving signups while lowering support calls and maintenance costs.

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beyond ldap

Use Existing Data Stores

OpenUnison can use any relational or object database to store user data, making sophisticated IAM solutions accessible to organizations without requiring additional infrastructure investments or LDAP licenses.

universal access

Hybrid Authentication and Authorization

Most applications need to be accessed by both customers and employees. OpenUnison gives organizations the power of transparent hybrid authentication and authorization, leveraging existing enterprise identity information, decreasing costs, and requiring fewer interfaces.

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patching and compliance

Cure Your Update Headaches

Easy upgrades require little to no work beyond running an update. You can be confident you're compliant with your patching obligations without worrying your identity system will be impacted.


Take Control of Your Organization's Applications

Managing lots of applications, multiple data stores, and countless users doesn't need to be complex. Tremolo Security has a solution to your toughest IAM challenges - regardless of your organization size.

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