About Us

We're so much more than just a funky name.

Our Origin Story

Tremolo Security was founded based on the experiences of our founders building, developing and deploying identity management and security solutions for customers across several industries and vendors. We wanted to break from the complex infrastructure needed and built Unison with an application centric approach to identity management. All our software is designed to:

Keeping to these principals has led Tremolo Security to adopt continuous integration when building our software. This helps us add new features quickly and keep the system light weight translating into a rapid deployment.

About The Name...

Tremolo: The fluctuation of sound often associated with the use of a whammy bar on an electric guitar

What does a tremolo have to do with security? While several parallels and analogies can probably be made, none of them had anything to do with the name. No, the original name of our company was going to be AutoIDM. The name Tremolo came from the fact that our first features were designed to support web access management, often referred to as a WAM. WAM –> Whammy Bar –> Tremolo. At first we weren’t thrilled with the idea but after spending several hours trying to find a domain that wasn’t owned we found tremolosecurity.com was open and jumped on it! Since then we’ve enjoyed bringing a musical theme to our company and software. After all, who doesn’t usually have one song or another in their head?


Our founders have 20+ years of collective experience across multiple industries planning/architecting/designing, developing and deploying identity management and security solutions. We believe information security and identity management solutions do not require complex infrastructure. Our core product, Unison, provides a one-stop identity management solution for internal and cloud-hosted applications.

Briane Bullock
Chief Security Officer

Briane has a broad background in information security and IT operations. He has spent the past seven years focusing largely on identity and access management. Briane has designed, built, and managed IAM solutions for clients large and small in financial services, retail, health care, technology, education, and government. This experience combined with his background in information security and IT operations has helped build the foundation for Tremolo Security’s products.

Marc Boorshtein
Chief Technology Officer

Marc has over a decade of identity and access management experience as a software engineer, product developer and consultant. Marc is experienced building, deploying and managing identity systems from all major vendors across numerous industries. Marc has also spent time deploying identity systems in the federal government as well as in the private sector. This deep experience is the foundation for Tremolo Security’s products.

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