Unison and OpenUnison 1.0.13 Released


We’re proud to announce the release of Unison and OpenUnison 1.0.13.  This is a maintenance release with some minor updates for easier integration into development environments, better support for OpenShift 3.7 and other user facing enhancements.  OpenUnison and Unison are both available from the Downloads page and the documentation is available as well.


  • 1.0.13 Build #287
  • Add all attributes from LDAP group to dynamic workflows #281


  • Support html for email notifications #284
  • saml2 idp eliminate jsp #286
  • “Dev” mode for openid connect to not validate redirect_uri #285
  • Update openshift AddGroupToRole task for openshift 3.7 #282
  • 1.0.12 build #243


  • ScaleJS Main – user service does not return attributes in the order they’re defined #288
  • check for multipart upload breaks multipart application data #283
  • Strip comments from inbound SAML2 assertions #279

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